Spiritual Growth With Jesus Planner

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Have you felt disconnected to God?

Like something is missing in your spiritual life?

Maybe you're unsure of what you actually need to do to grow in your faith.

If any of these apply to you or you want to simply grow closer to Christ, The Spiritual Growth Planner is your companion guide

This powerful spiritual growth planner will help you with Christian goal setting while keeping you on track with all the spiritual disciplines you need to grow closer to Christ.

This printable Christian planner includes:

  • spiritual growth tips
  • template to record prayers for your spiritual growth
  • 7 days of daily spiritual growth planning inserts in 2 designs
  • Tracking sheet for an overview of your spiritual growth goals - outlining a year's worth of monthly goals
  • weekly spiritual goals template
  • flash cards with spiritual growth activities
  • a spiritual growth activity tracker
  • scripture study template
  • scripture mapping template
  • motivational quotes from well-known Christian leaders

This is a digital product. No physical product will be mailed to you.

You'll receive...

✔️ A 21 page downloadable .pdf file chock full of templates that you can either print OR fill out on your device by typing directly onto the document using a PDF editor or an app like Good Notes.

✔️ The PDF contains a page which can be printed and cut to create flash cards to remind yourself of the spiritual growth activities you want to focus on

✔️ Beautifully designed pages in regal colors

➡️ How will this planner help me grow closer to Christ?

Building your relationship with Christ requires you to also build certain spiritual disciplines. This planner provides you with the tips needed to develop those disciplines so you can experience the spiritual growth needed to have a relationship with the Lord.

➡️ What spiritual growth disciplines will this planner help me develop?

✔️ Making daily Biblical confessions
✔️ Scripture reading
✔️ Gratitude
✔️ Bible study
✔️ Becoming more bold in your faith
✔️ Scripture memorization
✔️ Prayer journaling
✔️ Fasting
✔️ Prioritizing church attendance
✔️ Having quiet time

➡️ What makes you qualified to help others with spiritual growth?

While growing up in the church isn't necessarily a badge of honor, the experiences that you go through growing up Christian helps you to learn more about God.

Also, having been licensed and ordained as an evangelist, God has called me to minister faith to others.

As a special needs mom I know what it's like to experience the growing pains of faith - many hospital stays and praying through, discovering and learning about God.

None of us has "arrived" (nor will we ever while in the flesh suit we call our bodies). However, in the body of Christ, we all have a calling that God reveals to us. Mine is to teach and serve in the areas He has given me influence.