Goal Setting Hair Care Planner

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This undated hair care planner is the BEST way to help you define your hair routines, set goals, track product and most important, keep up with it all.


You are three times more likely to reach your goals when you write them down.

In this planner, you'll be provided with an overview plan for how to set effective hair goals.

After you've decided on the hair goals you want to achieve, this goal setting hair planner will help you to be accountable to those goals -Short & Long Term Goals, Quarterly Hair Goals + an Annual Hair Review.

You can track a long period of time how your hair responds to different routines. Being able to look back at it all helps you to easily weed out what didn't work.

Streamline and simplify your hair care regimen with this elegant goal setting hair care planner which includes the following worksheets for you to personalize:

  • About My Hair (Stats, Characteristics, Overview of Goals and Challenges)
  • Short Term Goals
  • Long Term Goals
  • My Hair Routines (summary)
  • Daily Hair Routine
  • Weekly Hair Routine
  • Quarterly Hair Routine
  • Quarterly/Annual Hair Review
  • Hair Product Staples (your go-to hair products)
  • Hair Products Wish List
  • 5 Notes Pages to Journal

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

You'll receive...

One uniquely designed 18 page PDF containing worksheets that will help you set efficient hair goals, plan out your hair routines, track your go-to and wish list products, track your quarterly progress, set you up to do an annual hair review.

➡️ How do you do reviews of your hair care in this planner?

The number one rule of goal setting (besides how you set the goals) is tracking.

This planner provides you with easy guidance on how to check in with the progress (or lack of) toward your hair care goals.

You'll first establish your short and long term goals (with some easy guidance)

There's a one page sheet that provides an overview of all your hair routines.

On the daily and weekly routines worksheets, you'll be able to flush out the routines in more detail.

Then, on the quarterly and annual worksheets you have space to flush out what is or isn't working so you can make adjustments.