Hairstyling Book for Blown Out and Straight Natural Hair

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This book of over 20 EASIER THAN THEY LOOK hairstyles is designed to help you create your next new look. You'll not only discover new hairstyles. You'll discover new takes on classic hairstyles.

The hairstyles in this book can be done on various lengths of natural hair that have been blown out or straightened, starting around shoulder length. There are also options for shorter hair. 

The hairstyles in this book require you only to have a parting comb, sectioning clips, seamless elastics and a banana clip or similar hair tool.

You'll be able to do fresh styles on stretched natural hair or straight hair for various occasions using a variety of foundational elements like:

  • Buns
  • Twists
  • Box Braids
  • Cornrows

You'll just love the uniquely named styles such as these:

  • The Circlet Braided Bun
  • Chain Braid Cascade
  • Cinnabun Quartette
  • Twist 'n Pin Quartette

Create a fresh new look in no time!

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

✔️ 1 beautifully assembled 58 page PDF guide
✔️ 27 total hairstyles - 20 base styles with 7 variations
✔️ Difficulty levels for each style (easy to medium)
✔️ Tips for pre-styling and accessorizing
✔️ An overview on the History of the Blow Out
✔️ A styling tools checklist
✔️ 1 Page folio of Original styles
✔️ 1 Page folio of the Style variations
✔️ Full size photo (spanning most of a page) for each style
✔️ 1 Page of pictorials and instructions for each style
✔️ Note pages

➡️ Why pictorials instead of video?
While watching a video is great, it's not always convenient to pull one up. The hairstyle pictorials are just as good as video without the need for connecting to the internet.

You can print the entire book of styles and have them at the ready OR you can easily just print a single page.

Each tutorial of hairstyles contains all the steps required to recreate the style, along with images all on a single page.

➡️ Why would I buy a book of styles when I can just search Pinterest?

You can absolutely search Pinterest but doing so not only wastes time, you''ll have to continually go to the app to find styles for different occasions. Also, you're often presented with styles that aren't easy to recreate without adding hair to your own.

In this book. a collection of easy to do styles from casual to elegant has been curated for you.

➡️ My hair isn't very long. Can I still do the styles in this book?

While the hairstyles are shown on hair which is bra-strap length and beyond, most of the hairstyles can be done on hair that's only shoulder length.

There are also options for styling on shorter hair.

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