Master Your Natural Hair Manual

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If you're ready to grow healthy natural hair that thrives, this manual is for you.

The Master Your Hair Manual is a complete guide to thriving natural hair care. It will help you to:

  • Build hair routines
  • Solidify your hair regimen
  • Keep track of your hair products, tools & accessories (go-to's and wish list items)
  • Set hair goals
  • Focus on body positivity
  • Track your style inspiration
  • Track your progress toward goals
  • Perform self reflections
  • Identify gaps in your nutrition for healthy hair

    The Master Your Natural Hair Manual is available in two formats:

    1. Printable
    2. Editable

    This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

    For the printable version you'll receive...

    A 71 page PDF guide with:

    ✔️ List of hair related affirmations
    ✔️ About My Hair worksheet
    ✔️ 7 Pillars for Healthy Hair
    ✔️ Hair Regimen Summary worksheet + an example
    ✔️ Templates to create/capture your monthly hair routines
    ✔️ List of common natural hair related acronyms
    ✔️ Template to capture your own hair related acronyms
    ✔️ List of routine building ideas
    ✔️ 12 undated calendar pages to plan out your monthly hair regimen
    ✔️ Templates to record hair products, tools & accessories ✔️ Template to capture Go-to's & Wishlist products
    ✔️ Template to capture your personal list of hair tools & accessories with links
    ✔️ List of supplements proven to improve the health of your hair
    ✔️ Worksheet to record the supplements you are taking
    ✔️ Styling inspiration worksheets to capture photos of styles you want to try (every day and special occasion)
    ✔️ Hair Growth Chart
    ✔️ Quarterly Progress trackers
    ✔️ Self Reflection journal page
    ✔️ Notes pages

    For the editable version you'll receive everything above PLUS:

    ✔️ a separate file which you can edit in CANVA with a free Canva account

    ➡️ How will this product help me to grow my hair longer?

    Hair is always growing unless you have a health condition. This planner will help you to "master" your own hair by giving you the guidance and information needed to build your hair routines.

    You are provided with a holistic approach to hair care that includes advice on:

    ✔️ learning your hair
    ✔️ building effective hair routines
    ✔️ styling
    ✔️ nutritional intake
    ✔️ staying motivated
    ✔️ hair products
    ✔️ self love and affirming your hair regardless of your hair type

    ➡️ Can I use this if my hair is relaxed?

    Yes! While it was written from the perspective of someone with natural hair, I was once relaxed too and I wish I had a resource like this to help guide me through all the nuances of caring for my fine hair.

    While the styling tips may not necessarily all apply, some certainly will. Most importantly this manual will help you with your hair routines which are at the foundation of maintaining healthy hair. Hair routines are what make up the hair regimen.