The Ultimate Planner for Natural Hair Care

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Do you struggle with knowing what to do to your natural hair and when?

The many hair care routines you need to develop and be consistent with can be overwhelming to keep track of in your head.

This natural hair planner will help you to:

  • See at a glance your hair's characteristics and needs
  • Map out your hair goals
  • Plan out and track your entire hair care regimen - all of your routines in one place.

This is also a fillable and printable natural hair journal with plenty of space to track and journal your results trying various products and techniques.

Use the free version of Adobe Acrobat to type directly onto the pages.

This natural hair planner and journal includes worksheets and templates to capture your:

  • Hair stats
  • Hair goals
  • Hair routines
  • Favorite hair products
  • Wash Day (a Tracker w/ Journaling space)
  • separate Weekly Wash Day
  • DIY Hair Care Recipes

You'll also receive:

  • 3 easy DIY Hair Recipes you can start using today for stronger, healthier hair
  • Inspirational pages to keep you encouraged on your hair care journey

BONUS: List of suppliers of natural herbs, oils and raw ingredients

For a spreadsheet version that includes additional resources for your hair regimen, check out The Natural Hair Boss Command Center

This is a digital download. Nothing physical will ship.

You’ll receive…

A 16 page PDF which includes:

✔️ Templates/Tracking sheets and worksheets to capture your hair’s characteristics, goals, products & routines

✔️ Space to journal your wash day results

✔️ List of recommended suppliers of natural herbs, oils & raw ingredients

➡️ What makes this a planner and a journal?

Planning occurs when you are establishing your hair goals and crafting your wash days
Journaling occurs on the Wash Day tracker & journal where you capture the answers to what went well, challenges you faced and how you’ll adjust your routine the next wash day

➡️ How will this planner help me to grow my hair?

All hair is growing unless there’s a health issue. The key to longer hair isn’t usually getting your hair to grow. It’s the maintenance of retaining what has grown. The journey to longer hair starts with discovery. This planner will help you to get in tune with your hair - learning its likes and dislikes. The tracking components of this planner/journal help you to begin flushing out the routines that may or may not be serving your hair goals.