Guide to Protective Styling Challenges for Hair Growth

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If you're looking to grow longer hair by retaining length doing protective styles, it's a good idea to do protective styling challenges. It doesn't matter if you are engaging in a corporate challenge or doing it solo.

Protective styling WILL help you to grow your hair longer because you are protecting the length you grow with those styles.

This challenges guide to protective styling for hair growth will help you to be successful. It includes:

  • Types of protective styles to choose from
  • Tips for choosing the RIGHT protective style for your natural hair
  • Guidelines for participating in challenges successfully
  • A Goal setting form
  • How often you should actually refresh your hair
  • How to care for your hair while it's in the protective style
  • Motivational tips
  • a list of resources to help support you with protective styling

This guide is designed for a long term 90 day challenge but can be used for any timeframe you want to use protective styles as a tool to grow your hair longer.

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

You'll receive...

a 9 page guide in PDF form containing all the tips needed to be successful at participating in hair growth challenges

➡️ Why do I need a guide to help me participate in protective styling challenges? Isn't it just about me keeping my ends protected?

If simply keeping your hair styled in a way that protects the ends were enough to be successful at growing longer hair with these challenges, more ladies (and gents) would be successful at it.

Sadly, many people end protective styling challenges losing hair.

In this guide, I show you all the ins and outs of protective styling like:

✔️ Properly prepping your hair for long term protective styling

✔️ How to care for fine hair when it's in the protective style

✔️ Do's and Don'ts of protective styling

✔️ Recommended hairstyles to do when protective styling