Christian Prayer & Bible Study Journal

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This Christian printable prayer and confessions journal is a valuable tool to help guide you in prayer, make daily confessions for your faith walk, track God's word, sermon notes and much more.

This fillable and printable prayer guide and bible study pdf is just what you need to start a "War Room" where you are not only growing closer to God but winning in prayer. It includes:

  • The Lord's Prayer in a pretty design with commentary on how to pray through the prayer
  • Personal prayer journal template
  • List of the Names of God
  • The Armor of God
  • Space for creating daily confessions
  • Page of 20 prompts to help you with Bible journaling
  • Section for: Personal Prayers, Urgent Intercession, and Prayers for your nation
  • Multiple notes pages that you can print as many of as you need for your devotional planner
  • Rhema Word Encounters with God (A study section that includes space to record your conversations with God, specific scriptures and life application)
  • 12 month Gratitude Calendar pages (undated) to keep track of 1 thing you're grateful for daily.
  • Praises (write out your praises to God)
  • Page that can be duplicated for recording sermon notes

Size: 8 1/2 x11 inches

This is a digital download. No physical product will be mailed to you.

You can use the free version of Adobe Acrobat to write directly onto the pages.

You’ll receive…

A 49 page beautifully designed PDF file which includes:

✔️ templates that guide you through praying and Bible study

✔️ lot of space to record prayer requests, confessions and sermon notes

✔️ all the motivation you need to grow in your faith

✔️ instructional pages on prayer, the names of God and the armor of God

➡️ How can this help with my faith walk?

This is a comprehensive guide with everything from learning the names of God to understanding the armor of God so you can approach Him with reverence in prayer and making better faith confessions and .

➡️ How does this me with my prayer life?

There's several sections to help you build your prayer life. There's a section on the Lord's prayer which walks you through this prayer model as Jesus suggested we pray. The Lord's prayer isn't to be prayed like a recited poem. It's a model for us to pray from. In this prayer and Bible study journal, it's all explained so you get a better understanding of how you should pray daily.

There are also prayer prompts to help you with starting off your prayer.

There's also a template to walk you through building your own prayer strategy, templates for writing out personal prayers, intercessory prayers and more.

➡️ How will this help me with Bible study?
This resource includes templates that will guide you through examining scripture and applying it to your life.

Bible study and prayer are closely connected. The way this study journal is designed, you'll be seamlessly guided between what to pray, how to pray, how to study the Word and making biblical confessions.